As My Husband Said, I Brought in a Lover / As My Husband Said, I Brought in the Government / As My Husband Wish, I Will Bring in the Concubine / Я доверилась мужу и завела любовника / 听丈夫的话包养情夫 / 남편의 말대로 정부를 들였다
Rank: 374th, it has 8.4K monthly / 20.1K total views.
Authors: Saebo heo / U haena
Genres: Manhwa , Webtoon , Josei(W) , Drama , Full Color , Historical , Romance
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Original work: Ongoing
Upload status: Ongoing
Louise wants nothing more than to live a happy life with her husband, Reyard. She loves her husband so much even though he has never been faithful to her. She had to watch him bring home mistresses and pretend like she wasn’t bothered by it. After all, Reyard was never deceitful about his wishes. He told her that if she were to object to his lovers then their marriage would be over. Louise feels lower than low, so when Reyard insists that she take on a lover of her own… she does just that.
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Chapters (29)

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28. Bennie
ellie 1.6K + 6.9K 17 days ago
27. Nefarious Intentions
ellie 1.4K + 4.9K 17 days ago
26. Getting to Know You
ellie 1.9K + 7.8K 26 days ago
25. Being Bold
ellie 2.2K + 9.7K 40 days ago
23. Just a Dream
ellie 2.4K + 10.7K 48 days ago
22. Beautiful Eyes
ellie 2.6K + 11.8K 57 days ago
21. Scars
ellie 2.6K + 11.8K 65 days ago
20. Come In
ellie 2.6K + 12.5K 70 days ago
19. Garden Walks
ellie 2.4K + 10.4K 70 days ago
18. Lancia
ellie 2.4K + 10.5K 70 days ago
17. New Feelings
ellie 2.5K + 10.9K 70 days ago
15. In Good Hands
ellie 2.5K + 11.2K 70 days ago
14. A Friendly Spar
ellie 2.5K + 10.6K 70 days ago
13. Swordsmanship
ellie 2.5K + 10.8K 70 days ago
12. Waiting For You
ellie 2.6K + 11.3K 70 days ago
11. All Eyes On Us
ellie 2.7K + 11.5K 70 days ago
10. Time For a Change
ellie 2.7K + 11.5K 70 days ago
8. Elisian
ellie 2.7K + 11.5K 70 days ago
7. Lover
ellie 2.8K + 12.2K 70 days ago
6. A Prettier Cage
ellie 2.7K + 11.3K 70 days ago
5. Who Are You Really?
ellie 2.8K + 11.9K 70 days ago
4. An Old Friend
ellie 2.7K + 11.2K 70 days ago
3. The Mystery Man
ellie 2.7K + 11.2K 70 days ago
2. He'll Never Change
ellie 2.8K + 11.5K 70 days ago