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Authors: Choi ah-il
Artists: Konyang
Genres: Manhwa , Josei(W) , Shoujo(G) , Adaptation , Age Gap , Demons , Mystery , Revenge , Romance , Tragedy
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Do dohee, a devilish heiress from a chaebol family, whom no one can trust. Jung Guwon, a flawless and deadly devil. Jung Guwon, who has considered humans insignificant and has reigned as the top predator for over 200 years, loses his abilities in a moment entwined with the peculiar woman Do dohee. Do dohee, who "steals" the abilities of the devil, and Jung Guwon, the devil who must protect Do dohee in order to regain his own abilities. A thrilling and astonishing fate unfolds between the two, as they navigate through hot and cold moments. A strange devil and a haughty heiress's sweet yet cruel salvation romance ♥︎
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Based of a drama, written by the writer of Mr Queen

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Chapter 1 : 1.1
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